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Free MMORPGs H - J List


--Habbo Hotel--
Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Habbo Hotel is a virtual hotel where you can hang out and make new friends. It's designed for 13 to 18 year olds in the US.

--Hat Trick-- Get It Here
Description: Sports MMO

--Hello Kitty Online-- Get It Here
Description: Browser MMORPG

--Hero-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Hero Online is a masterpiece created by three generations of distinguished martial art novelists. The storyline is written by first generation martial arts novelist, Kum Kang, who utilizes a complex combination of story content and plot twists, free from prearranged paths, that brings a whole new gaming experience.

--Holic-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Holic Online is a cute-style free MMO developed by Mgame based in Seoul, South Korea. The game features meticulous scene setting, adorable characters and plenty of action and emotes.

--Hostile Space-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: Hostile Space is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in a vast persistent galaxy. Players take on the role of a star ship captain with goals including planetary exploration, mining, bounty hunting, smuggling goods, and taking on terrible space monsters. There is a diverse set of races and classes to select from.


--Illarion-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description: This game is not about levelling up or hunting monsters. There is no global chat and no experience points. This game is about roleplaying, which means you interact with other people and your environment as if you were a person in a real medieval fantasy world.

--Illutia-- Get It Here
Description: 2d MMORP

--Imperial Conflict-- Get It Here
Description: Browser MMORPG

--Infantry-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Combat MMO
Description: Team with gamers from around the world in this adrenaline-pumping collection of online combat games. It's all-out frenetic action in the world of Infantry where battles featuring up to 100+ wage throughout the day. Easy to play and simple to get into, Infantry offers a quick blend of tactics and action unlike any other massively multiplayer online game.

--Infinity Empire-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description:Infinity is a MMO Action Game with a strong PvP (Player Versus Player) orientation. Action is the key of Infinity where graphic effects are resulting of your extraordinary fighting combos. Player can choose in the lobby room between two majors types of gaming: PvP (Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Tournaments…) and Missions (Hunting, Boss killing, Dungeon Quests). PvP mainly gives Reputation points and Missions are great to gain Experiance.