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--Samuri of ledgend-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMO
Description: Samurai are not born, they are created. Train to hone your body and skill to perfection. Fight to protect your allies and crush your enemies. Honor and live by the tradition and the Bushido. Build an empire and gain the respect of your peers. Do you have the courage, cunning and stamina to answer the call? You Could Become The Samurai of Legend!

--Savage 2-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d FPS/RPG/RTS
Description: Savage 2: Tortured Soul builds on the successes of the first title to create new battlefields for multiplayer loving gamers to call home. Return to the fantasy realm of Newerth to continue the epic battle of Savage. As in the original, the game combines traditional RTS play with fast action combat in a multiplayer environment. Savage 2 uses a 20 unit class based system that should create more variety and strategy to who chooses what units in battle, and is more Battlegroup/officer based than ther original for tighter structure and more complex battles.

--Seafight-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d MMORPG
Description:play with and against thousands of other real player, nothing to download or install, experience a world full of adventure and game fun and win up to $10,000

--Seal Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Enjoy the graphics of Seal Online with its fairy-tale like storybook background and humorously rendered monsters! You can choose to be a Knight, Warrior, Mage, or even a class you won't find in any other games, a Jester! When six of us form a party, we can be fearless. No need to fear the monsters that flash red alert signs. Come join the excitement of the Seal Party System. The pleasure you'll have raising various pets! Experience your joy the friendly pets will bring, you'll double your gaming experience with the company of your pet.

--Second Life-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Second Life is a 3-D virtual world created by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of Residents from around the globe.

--Seak and Dread-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d FPS
Description: Seek & Dread Online is a free top-down multiplayer shooter. It is similar to Counter-Strike but it is a 2D-game. You control a terrorist or a police man. You can move your character with the keyboard and aim with the mouse. In the deathmatch mode you have no friends, all that counts is that you survive.

--Secret of the Solstice-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Online MMORPG
Description: Secret of the Solstice is a free multiplayer online role-playing game set in the beautiful land of Xen. With hundreds of gorgeous environments, fanciful creatures, plenty of quests and a classic feel, Secret of the Solstice invites players to create a character and explore its richly-detailed world.

--Shadow Worlds-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2D MMORPG
Description: This game will take you away into a mystic world full of adventure and magic.You can go on unbelievable adventures,fight evil enemies and discover amazing magic treasures together with hundreds of players from all around the world. Explore islands, forests and caves full of mystic secrets and ancient magic artifacts.

--Shadow of Legend-- Get It Here
Description: Shadow of Legend is the world's first High-Performance, Cross-Platform MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) targeting mobile devices. Players assume the roles of world heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across the vast world of Agnes. Shadow of Legend allows thousands of players, whether they are on their PC or on their mobile device, to simultaneously interact with each other in the same world. Whether the players adventure together or battle one another for power and glory, the players can expect all the best features of an MMORPG to play seamlessly in the palm of their hand. Free to download and free to play

--Shadowbane-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Shadowbane has expanded the concept of what an online persistent world RPG can be. Rather than focusing on the story arc of the single character and taking the game no further, Shadowbane extends the experience by creating a backdrop of political intrigue and warfare for players to become engrossed in. Players can join together to form guilds, raise armies and conquer Kingdoms. Leaders marshal their strength to build keeps, temples and fortifications. Armies battle their rivals to control resource mines crucial to their kingdoms' growth. And when diplomacy fails, legions and siege engines batter down the walls of cities, and the destinies of player nations are decided on virtual battlefields.

--Shatered Gallaxy-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Strategy MMORPG
Description: Engage opponents in frenzied tactical struggles. Unite with allies to contest enemy nations' territorial claims. Customize your units with equipment best suited for your objectives. Achieve promotions for yourself and new upgrades for your war machines. Research new technologies to devastate the opposition. Enter the world of Shattered Galaxy, where battles last minutes and wars span months.

--Sho Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: It is based on the theme of war between the two nations (Yin and Zhou). Sho Online” brings fast game play as well as realistic war environments to each and every player of the game. Monsters with artificial intelligence, endless war between the two nations to expand their territories are the main points of this game.

--Shot Online-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d Golf MMO
Description: A RPG sports simulation golf game.

--Sherwood-- Get It Here
Description: a massive multiplayer online role playing game where you defend your honor in combat with players from around the world. Sherwood features an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters.

--Silk Road-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: The online game 'SilkRoad' targets the unceasingly active world other than the existing online games which the has built the entrenched world. On the specious Silk Road, the merchants constantly moves for trading and burglars who intend to strip them of goods. In addition, there are hunters who specialize in removing such burglars. On the Silk Road which seems to be static, the hostility and secret strife in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own groups inform the Silk Road world with new life.

--Slave Hack-- Get It Here
Game Type: Text Based MMO
Description: Start playing and defend your own virtual-pc against intruders whilst you are trying to hack as much other players and webservers as you can !

--Soldat-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d Online Combat
Description: Soldat is a unique side-view multiplayer action game. It takes the best from games like Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike and gives you fast action gameplay with tons of blood and flesh. Soldiers fight against each other on 2D battle arenas using a deadly military arsenal. This is what multiplayer was invented for.

--Soldier Front-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d FPS MMORPG
Description: Soldier Front is a military FPS style MMORPG from NHN Games that takes you on dangerous missions and non-stop military action. Choosing from various task force characters such as the SAS, SEAL, Delta Force, and UDT which come with distinctive weapons under different statistics of recoil and rate of fire, the player can create his/her own personalized agent

--Space Cowboy-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d Space MMORPG
Description: Space Cowboy Online is an action based Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) 3D Space Shooter. In Space Cowboy Online, players can pilot their own space fighter ships (Gears) on an imaginary planet and upgrade skills or the Gear itself.

--Spell Casters-- Get It Here
Description: Coming Soon

--Spirit Wars-- Get It Here
Game Type: 2d mmorts
Description: SpiritWars represents a new generation in the long rich tradition of board gaming. While the game was designed to offer a new experience in on-line entertainment, the roots of SpiritWars lie not in the computer world but instead in the traditional genre of table-top board games. If you've ever enjoyed classic strategy games like Chess, Risk® or Stratego®, you will find a variety of design concepts in SpiritWars that are comfortably familiar and will will help you quickly learn the game.

--Star Port-- Get It Here
Description: Coming Soon

--StarKnight-- Get It Here
Game Type: 3d Space RTS/MMORPG
Description: BUILD and manage your empire in this captivating and addictive ONLINE space strategy game. Compete against human opponents and AI-CONTROLLED aliens!

--Star Wars Combine-- Get It Here
Description: 2d mmorpg

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--Supreme Destiny-- Get It Here/
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description: Will you finally become a renowned hero? Ascend to join the ranks of the gods and goddesses themselves? Or will you die trying? Only you will know. Only you can walk the path of your ultimate fate.Do yourself a favour. Answer to your true calling. Seek your Supreme Destiny.

--Survival Project-- Get It Here/
Game Type: 3d MMORPG
Description:The Survival project (Surp) is an online action network game that you can do a real-time match against other users connecting online. Survival Project offers 8 modes that provide different missions by each, and it offers 8 maps provide distinct environmental condition.

--Syrnia-- Get It Here
Game Type: Browser MMMORPG
Description: Syrnia is a free online browserbased / textbased Role Playing Game (RPG), with many skills, items, nice people, and loads of active players !